Marriage Coaching

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Want to develop the tools necessary for you to enjoy a happy, harmonious, and fulfilled marriage?

Want to prevent problems before they start?

Whether you are engaged, or have been married for years, our Senior Pastor Joe Centineo will walk you through Biblically-based, practical preparation to help you develop the skills necessary to experience oneness in the marriage relationship.

Contact Joe at for more information.


This pre-marriage counseling saved our marriage before we got married. -JW

This sound teaching and intentional guidance helped us develop a realistic and God-honoring view of our future marriage. - Jake

This marriage counseling gave us the tools to use in our everyday lives and marriage. It brought us closer to Christ, to each other, and as a family. - Kristiana

This counseling showed me there were problems in our marriage and that we both needed to fix things. That made it easier to make the changes. Christ fixing my marriage helped me to develop a relationship with Christ. - Brian