CrossRoads of Arlington Church started on a Sunday morning in November, 2002. Our first public Gathering was in the Dottie Lynne Recreation Center. We had about 100 people at our first Gathering. We rented this facility on Sunday mornings for about 5 hours and continued meeting at the Rec Center for just under 3 years. During this time, our church experienced slow but steady growth. We reached an attendance of about 140 people at Dottie Lynn.

In September, 2005 God opened up a door for us to rent our own facility. In September of 2005, we moved into our new facility in the North Lake Center on Pioneer Parkway. We worked together as a congregation on demo and then to build out the facility.  Before long, the 13,007 square feet became our home. Having our own facility made a big difference. We saw immediate growth, and shortly after moving to our new facility we added a second Worship Gathering.

Over the past years, our church continued to experience slow but steady growth. Today we have a weekly attendance of 350-400, with a church constituency of over 500 people. We are grateful that God has allowed us to function as His church for these past years.