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Hey everyone,
We hope you are all having a great week.  I (Adam) received word from Joe this morning that they were wrapping up their ministry and preparing to start the journey home.  They will be back with us this Sunday and will share an update on ministry highlights from the trip.  This past weekend I spoke on Romans 12 and how being part of God’s family affects how we see ourselves, how we love other believers, and how we do good to the world.  If you missed it, you can listen in on our website at http://www.crossroadsofarlington.org/sermons.  We hope you have a wonderful week and we will see you Sunday!

Women’s Lean, Mean, & Eating Green
Come to our next Women’s Ministry Team Event on this Saturday, April 21 @ 11AM! We will start with a fun twist on Yoga and meet our adventure fitness team. We will finish off with a potluck of healthy eating and recipe exchange!

Harvest America
Interested in riding to Harvest America as a group? We may charter a bus for the event. Depending on the interest and commitment, we could use a large bus or smaller van. We will need, however, a firm commitment. The cost per person would be $40.00-$60.00 each, depending on the number of riders.
A final decision, depending on interest, will be made no later than April 29, 2018.
Estimated departure time from Crossroads is 2:00 PM and return between 10-11:00 PM.
Please contact Michael Porter at 817-201-5692, or email missions@crossroadsofarlington.org

Congregational Prayer Meeting
Join us Sunday at 5pm as we pray for the goals of the church and the search for the new youth pastor. Please park around back by the basketball hoop and come in through the back children’s room door.

CrossRoads House of Prayer @ 7PM
    Impact:K-5th Ministry @ 5:30PM
    Youth Group 6-12 @ 6:30PM
Women’s Lean, Mean, & Eating Green @ 11AM

9 AM & 11 AM – Worship Gathering
Congregational Prayer Meeting @ 5PM
Have a great week!